Best Ways to Place Your Television

The majority of us find it difficult to conceal the traces of technology. Hence, attempt to incorporate technology into your embellishments as you can. In the actual world, decorating comprises managing a television. Perhaps it is even secure to say that for several people, the TV is a major point in every decoration. However, looking for an area to place the TV without compromising your décor and the arrangement of your furniture could be hard. Below are a few helpful tips in terms of placing your tv and make it a great decoration:

Look for a power source

Track the nearest power source within the area where you would like to place your television. Guarantee that there’s sufficient power supply to manage any additional sound systems and Blu Ray players. Moreover, think about how much glare you will catch on the screen and the location of the windows.


Initially, it’s always great to place the TV set on the eye-level. This position is perfect so that once you’re seated, you won’t be straining either your eyes or your neck by looking down or up to see the screen. Commonly, nearly 4 feet from the ground is also ideal. To know the ideal viewing distance, you have to multiply the screen’s diagonal width by three.

Select a focal point

Once you make your television as your focal point, make sure that it is placed in the seating area’s center. The moment you have other focal points like an aesthetic window or a mantel, then consider putting it on a wall that’s in line to the focal point for the viewers to comfortably view it.

Cover it

If you are not interested in making your TV as a focal point, or you like to cover it in a certain time, you can try placing it in an armoire or cabinet with closing doors. Guarantee that there are existing holes in the back so that all the wirings will go through. Moreover, guarantee that the cabinet will be simple to close and open, especially when you have kids that would utilize them.

Incorporate it

Integrate your TV into your decorations by putting it on a component like a bookcase and enclose it with photographs, objects, and books. Moreover, to incorporate it more you can surround it with and art with black frames of a gallery of your photography.

Flip it

If you prefer to get a mini TV in a place like your kitchen, it would be best to buy a television that could be installed under the cupboards and can be flipped down and up if you want it. This type of television could work magic in home offices or dens as well.

Should you place the mantel or not?

A lot of decorators highly despise the thought of placing your TV above or on the mantel. It isn’t only too high, but you are placing a huge, black screen amidst the major focal point of the room. If you prefer to do so, it would be better to purchase a flat-screen TV and install it on the wall instead of directly placing it on the mantel. If you want help in terms of TV installation or TV repair in Pittsburg, contact us now.

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